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Irish Waterworn Limestone Rockery

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Rockeries are a great way to punctuate landscaping. Particularly effective as part of a water feature, they can also be incredibly attractive in their own right to give shape and definition to a garden. Given its natural appearance, this Irish waterworn limestone would be especially appropriate for a rockery designed to decorate a slope, giving a pleasingly unaffected effect to hillsides and inclines.

As a naturally hard-wearing material, limestone will maintain its shape and appearance for years to come with very little, if any, maintenance. In fact, time and extended weathering will only accentuate its existing curves and crevices. Waterworn limestone gets better with age.

Of course, this waterworn limestone isn't just intended for rockeries. It can also be used for entirely practical purposes like verge marking or access restriction in a far more attractive way than the alternatives.

As a natural product, rocks are sold by the kilo and is supplied in random sizes from approximately 25kg up to 2000kg. The colour is naturally varying weathered shades of grey.


Product Information

Waterworn limestone straight from Ireland. Naturally worn for beautiful gullies and fissures. Available in pieces that range from football sized rocks to feature lumps the size of a small car.

Irish waterworn limestone has long been used to create rockeries, taking advantage of its stunning appearance and natural variation, to make otherwise artificial landscape features appear more organic. The stones have a natural variation in colour, and the weathering means every stone is unique.

Available Colours: Grey


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