Limestone, sandstone and other walling materials


Whether it’s a boundary marker, an outbuilding or your home, walling materials are a key part of how a building looks. A fresh, well-built wall, with matching or complementary materials, makes any building look well turned out. By contrast, walls made of materials that don’t match or complement each other make even a well-proportioned building displeasing.

Having searched out some of the best suppliers around, Benton Weatherstone can provide you with just about everything you need to reach walling Nirvana.

If you’re after a Cotswold-village vibe, for example, our Cotswold cropped walling looks fresh and bright when installed – and even better as it ages. Customers after traditional-looking walls will also like our cobbles, and knapped or unknapped flints. Knapped flints have been split to reveal their inner colours, unknapped flints have not. Although they’re a traditional building material, knapped flints often feature in the most contemporary designs.

Maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of a modern, monochrome look, perhaps combined in sections with white render? We’d recommend checking out our grey slate walling, or (‘as stylish as a taxi-load of supermodels heading for a Versace after-party’) our Ardglas black cropped slate walling.

Having everything you’re going to need delivered all at one time makes jobs like building a driveway much easier. As well as the walling materials themselves, we can bring you most other products you’re likely to require.

Deliveries and collection

We make free deliveries every weekday in the local area, and Saturday morning deliveries are also possible. A whole range of materials can be supplied in large, crane-delivered bags or poly bags. Deliveries can also be made on our own fleet of tipper vehicles: loads of up to 13 tonnes, 3.2 tonnes and 1.2 tonne are available on various materials.

Collections can also be made from our Ferring yard, where our yard staff are happy to load your purchases into your vehicle.

Contact us:

Phone 01903 243202 or drop us an email to get in touch. We pride ourselves on unsurpassed customer service – whether it’s through offering impartial advice on product selection, or via our helpful, courteous yard and delivery staff.

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